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*Mandatory Field
* Mandatory Field
  • Miles earned are subject to the sales policy of EGYPTAIR and the eligible booking class (reflecting your paid ticket )
  • Miles earned according to:-
    • The distance traveled on EGYPTAIR international and domestic flights.
    • Class of service.

Cabin Class

Percentage of
Flown Miles

Minimum Miles international
Fixed Domestic
Business Class C 200% 1000
D 200% 1000
J 200% 1000
Z 200% 1000
Economy Class Y 150% 750
B 150% 750
M 100% 500
Q 100% 500
H 100% 500
K 100% 500
V 50% 250
L 50% 250
E-G-W-T-S 25% 150

* Classes not eligible for earning miles X - I - O - R - N - F - A

Effective Date 09 October 2019

EGYPTAIR and Option Town Agreement

  • P - U/Classes will earn 25% of flown miles for International Flight

Flights not eligible for earning miles

  • Code Share flights with Non Star Carrier and not operated by EGYPTAIR

  • All tickets before joining date

  • Reward Tickets & Upgrades.

  • Discounted Tickets (AD,ID,DG,DM or OD) for Domestic & International Routes.

  • Infant Tickets.

  • Charter flights.

Claim Your Missing Flights

EGYPTAIR Plus members may claim their missing flights by providing the following flight details very accurately to be valid and processed. Inaccurate data are not taken into consideration.

  • Flight Date

  • Origin-Destination

  • Flight Number

  • Ticket number

  • Booking Class

  • Depending on the flight destination, it may take up to 40 days for a flight to be fully processed.

  • Retro-claims are allowed only for flights, not less than 14 days and not more than 12 months (6 months for Singapore Flights) from flight date.

  • To receive automatic mileage credit for your flights, please remember to quote your EGYPTAIR Plus membership number while making reservation.

  • Present your EGYPTAIR Plus membership card during check-in.

  • Make sure your EGYPTAIR Plus membership number is printed on your boarding-pass.

Kindly keep all your travel documents (E -TKT Copy - Boarding Passes) of all your flights to retro claim missing Miles in case of any missing flights

Miles Validity

  • Earned Miles will be valid for 36 months from the date of the flight.

  • Earned Award Miles through any competition will be valid for 01 year from date of insertion.

Please check regularly your account to know the expiration date of each activity.

Earning Policy

  • The earning miles on Star Alliance Partners is based according to the agreement between EGYPTAIR and the Star Alliance Partners

For eligible classes for earning miles on Star alliance Airline partners click here .

  • The earning miles on Star Alliance Code Share depends on the Operating Airline

Terms and conditions

  • Earned Miles do not have any financial value and cannot be transferred in any circumstance.
  • Mileage Balance including Tier Miles as well as Bonus Miles used for Reward Tickets & Reward Upgrades, and not to indicate Tier Level. Tier Level is indicated by Flown Miles Only
  • EGYPTAIR Plus has the right to modify the amount of Miles granted; eligible booking classes as well as fares. EGYPTAIR will use best efforts to notify members with such modifications before execution, and will not be held liable for making any modifications without prior notice.
  • Miles are credited to the member's account whose name is on the eligible Ticket, irrespective of the identity of the person or the entity paying for the Tickets or services, provided that the member has quoted his membership number at time of reservation as well as at check-in.
  • In case of involuntary rerouting ,miles will be credited according to the original paid Ticket.
  • Last minute upgrades give you service onboard + lounge access, miles will be calculated according to original fare paid ticket.