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Star Alliance Upgrade Award General Rules and Conditions

General Rules:-

  • Star Alliance Upgrade Award can only be booked via internet.
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Award must be requested maximum 355 days and minimum 24 hours before departure.
  • Upgrades are valid only on participating Star Alliance carriers.
  • Upgrading is not possible at check-in or prior to board the aircraft.
  • Miles are deducted from the EGYPTAIR Plus account automatically when the upgrade is confirmed, if a seat is available.
  • No voucher or a receipt shall be requested for the Star Alliance Upgrade Award.
  • No upgrade ticket or reservation number will be issued, even after completing the procedure of an upgrade award.
  • Upgrades are subject to operating carrier rules and policies.
  • The original reservation for the lower class will be automatically canceled when the upgrade is confirmed
  • Waitlists are not permitted.
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Award cannot be used on industry discount, agency discount, free, or award tickets.
  • Miles required to upgrade is per person, per segment and calculated on the day of request and is subject to change.
  • Miles will accrue based on original class of service ticketed, not on upgraded class of service.
  • Miles required for the Star Alliance Upgrade Award is same for adults and children.
  • Up to 4 people can upgrade for each flight.
  • EGYPTAIR Plus members may request Star Alliance Upgrade Award either for themselves or for any person.
  • Upgrades are valid for the next higher class of service; double upgrades are not permitted. 
  • Star Alliance Upgrade Awards are available only from fares booked in Y and B to business ( I ) and from C and D to first ( O ).
  • Upgrade awards may not be used on reward tickets.
  • Upgrade seats are dependent on each carrier's upgrade availability and may not be available on all flights.
  • Some carriers may impose blackout periods where upgrades are not permitted.
  • Travel on code share flights - flights sold by one carrier and operated by another - are excluded.

Cancellation & Rebooking Rules:-

  • In case of cancellation or rebooking, passenger needs to contact the relating operating airline sales office.
  • Please note that when you cancel your Star Alliance Upgrade Award, not only the upgrade, but also the original (lower class) reservation will be canceled.
  • After making a new reservation in the original class, apply again for a Star Alliance Upgrade Award via the Internet by 24 hours prior to departure.
  • If there were any seat specifications or special services (wheel chair, special meals, etc.) requested for the original reservation, please contact the operating airline and request the services again after applying for the Star Alliance Upgrade Award.


Refund Rules:-

  • When cancellation is made before the departure of the flight same as refund fees for EGYPTAIR Upgrade.

No Show Rules:-

  • In case of No-Show, member will travel economy not on the upgraded class, and miles will be refunded with refund fees

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