Reward tickets

General Rules & Conditions

  •  Reward Tickets can be issued and booked on operated EGYPTAIR flights as well as any of Star Alliance Airline Partners. Please refer to the Seat Award Chart on Star Alliance Airline Partners Click Here.
  •  Reward Ticket is issued against Miles deducted from the member's account. Miles deducted depend on the destination & class of service requested. EGYPTAIR Plus reserves the right to change number of Miles deducted anytime without prior notice. EGYPTAIR will use best efforts to notify members with such changes before execution; and will not be held liable in case of making any changes without prior notice.
  •  The member may issue Reward Tickets against Miles favor himself or any of his family members without a maximum limit during the whole year; as long as his account permits and due to seats availability. The member should note that Reward Tickets for family members will be against Miles deducted from his own account.
  •  The member must personally request the Reward Ticket for his family members by himself through all EGYPTAIR Sales offices & GSA offices as well as EGYPTAIR Call Center in Egypt.
  •  Reward Ticket is valid for 12 months from the date of issue .
  •  EGYPTAIR has the right to stop issuance of Reward Tickets against Miles to certain destinations anytime during the year without prior notice. EGYPTAIR will use best efforts to notify members with such procedures before execution; and will not be held liable if any procedures are taken without prior notice.
  •  If the ticket has non-stop over (transit less than 24 hours), miles will be deducted per each sector.

  • Miles required are for round trip ticket.
    Miles required for One way ticket will be calculated as 50% of the round trip ticket.

  • Miles required for Children are the same as required for adult. Reward tickets are not allowed for infant.
  • EGYPTAIR reserves the right to restrict or suspend the reward tickets usage periodically.
  • EGYPTAIR reserves the right to make changes in the Seat Award Chart without prior notice.
  • Reward tickets are subject to certain additional expenses such as Airport taxes duties …….etc .
  • Some destinations may not be available on Star Alliance Network.

Booking Rules

  • Special booking classes and certain number of seats have been assigned for Reward Tickets against Miles. Such classes are:-
    •  ( X ) For Economy Class
    •  (  I ) For Business Class
    •  ( O ) For First Class

Refund Rules

  •  Refund of Unused Reward Ticket 5% of total miles will be deducted.
  • The remaining of unused sectors of Used Reward Ticket are non-refundable.

Please note

In case of refunding the reward ticket within the validity of it which is 12 months ,miles may not be totally
or partially refunded as per the expiration miles rules.