Swiss International Airlines

Effective 1st of JAN 2014    
Class of service   Swiss Booking Class Percentage of Flown Miles
First Class F A 200%
Business Class C D J 150%
Business Class Z 125%
Business Class P 100%
Economy Class Y B 125%
Economy Class M H U G 100%
Economy Class W Q V S 50%
Economy Class L K T E 25%

Please note

  • Classes not eligible to earn miles N-R-X-I-O

  • To receive credit miles, present your EGYPTAIR Plus Card when you make reservations or check-in for your flight.

  • EGYPTAIR Plus members traveling Swiss Airlines will accrue based on the actual miles flown.

  • Keep all your documents (Boarding passes + Electronic Tickets) till your miles appear in your statement.

  • Retro claim should be within 12 months from the date of travel.      

  • EGYPTAIR Plus members Travelling on EGYPTAIR airline Code Share Flights MS 9270 & MS 9271 operated by Swiss airlines LX 237 & LX 236 Shall not earn miles according to the agreement between LX & MS .